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Tidbits of Up-Coming Film News

  • New producer for "The Bling Ring" (gag me at this idea)

Agency booked co-producer Darren Demetre on Sofia Coppola's "The Bling Ring," (For those who didn't see it, this project leaked on TMZ a couple of months ago and a script has yet to be written)
  •  Sofia has been lunching with Robert Pattinson with th hope that he'll work with her on a new comedy/drama:

Director Sofia Coppola, 40, thinks Twilight star Rob Pattinson, 25, should lighten his choice of roles with a quirky romance dramedy.

“Sofia has wanted to work with Rob for a long time,” a movie exec tells “She thinks he would be great in a movie similar to Lost in Translation.”

And apparently, Sofia believes Rob could be her next muse to resurrect her own career. (Um, what?)

“She is actually hoping to make a comeback with Rob. They have met a few times to discuss the project,” continues the source. “Sofia wants to write and direct the film but wants Rob to be involved as much as possible. She thinks Rob has a magnificent sense of humor and wants to show it off. She wants to show everyone his quirky, eccentric self.”

  • What happened to Goldengrove and the young girl that Sofia was casting from Australia, Olivia DeJonge? She auditioned in November (before the Bling Ring script had even been started) and Sofia is supposed to be in LA working on a film now...
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